In the summer of 2015 Portopiccolo launched an important synergy with the Cultural Association Woland having the clear vision of promoting and conveying the art in all its forms.

Woland is the result of the idea and the desire of some members of the entrepreneurial, artistic and scientific society of Trieste, which in 2012 joined forces with the ambition to promote cultural diversity and identity of the city through initiatives and international projects.

Under this specific objective, this past July Portopiccolo inaugurated the Woland Art Space. This innovative space differs from the traditional gallerist footprint through a program of exhibitions of high standing and strong artistic value, which came from London, Berlin, Moscow, Zagreb.

With this approach, as well as the feedback of the public, Woland and Portopiccolo performed a new step, conceiving the Woland Art Club. Perfectly placed within the lifestyle of Portopiccolo. "Club" is intended just as a meeting place for enthusiasts and for lovers of art.

Saturday, November 7th took place the inauguration of Woland Art Club, located next to the Piazzetta, with a renewed calendar of artistic and cultural events, aimed to strenghten the binomial Portopiccolo-Woland in the reality of promoting the art and culture of the territory, and further initiatives.

One of the strengths of the Association is its scientific and cultural committee, chaired by Edward Lucie-Smith, world renowned historian, and assisted by Maria Kodama, muse and widow of Jorge Luis Borges, Sergei Reviakin, chairman of the London Collectors Club, and Claudio Crismani, internationally renowned pianist, and president of Woland.