surrounding territory

Located on a private bay on the Triestine coast, Portopiccolo is a welcoming and exclusive base for exploring a unique territory.

Dropping straight into the sea, the white calcium rocks of the Falesian cliffs exist in a protected natural environment. The fairy-tale architecture of the Castle of Miramare, surrounded by a rich park of botanical species and facing out onto the Marine Preserve protected by the WWF. And then, the Carso plateau with its colours that change from the green of Mediterranean scrub in summer to the intense reds of autumn.


Located just a few miles from the Collio hill region, a series of pleasant hills accented by small villages and specialised vineyards where one can taste some of the best wines in the world. 


  • Trieste and the Carso region – culture, art and nature (10km from Portopiccolo)
  • Gorizia and the Collio region – wine, gastronomy and culture (25km from Portopiccolo)
  • Grado and Aquileia – sea and Ancient Rome (30km from Portopiccolo)
  • Cividale and the Natisone Valleys – history and nature (40km from Portopiccolo)
  • Slovenian Istria – sea and culture (50km from Portopiccolo)
  • Notranjska and the Slovenian Carso – nature and history (50km from Portopiccolo)
  • Udine and surroundings – art and shopping (60km from Portopiccolo)
  • Lignano Sabbiadoro – beach and relaxation (75km from Portopiccolo)
  • Hillside Friuli and San Daniele – nature and wine and gastronomy (75km from Portopiccolo)
  • Rovigno and Croatian Istria – sea and culture (130km from Portopiccolo)
  • Piancavallo and the Friulian Dolomites – skiing and nature (135km from Portopiccolo)

Trieste, the port of Mitteleuropa, with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its cultural events; Friuli with its monuments and landscapes, the Dolomite Alps with their ski trails. A world to be explored, 365 days a year.


The lagoons of Grado and Marano are a universe of fresh and salt water, woods and damp meadows, to be explored by boat, by horse, on bicycle paths designed to discover landscapes, fauna and flora that are unique. The Nature Preserves where more than 250 bird species live, from swans to herons, to swamp hawks, together with Camargue horses running about freely. An infinite voyage discovering nature, just a few kilometres away from Portopiccolo.