Un borgo realizzato in splendida pietra carsica, dove eleganza ed esclusività si sposano perfettamente dando vita ad un luogo intenso e rilassante: qui potrai apprezzare il bello della vita.


An elegant seaside village in Karst stone that marries the need for intimacy and the desire to feel good: the taste for the arts, the kitchen and the beautiful life.

The "Borgo"

Sheltered by the protective embrace of the majestic cliffs known as falesie, and with a one-of-a-kind location in the beautiful Duino Cliffs Nature Reserve, Portopiccolo is at once modern and traditional, technologically advanced yet perfectly in sync with its surroundings.

people leaving a yacht
Designed to be different

Because Portopiccolo was designed to be different. This is a community that exists seamlessly within its environment, using natural materials and a €45 million investment in ecological technology to ensure minimal impact on the landscape around it. That philosophy is on display at every turn, from the naturally finished villas and houses that sit above car-free streets, to the on-site power stations which are kept cool by seawater. The site has also been created using the precepts of ‘Design for All’. That means every area is accessible to everyone, with stair-free streets, convenient parking and an extensive network of horizontal and vertical elevators that effortlessly transport residents around the community.

Created to the very highest standards

The same considered approach has been taken in creating the community’s range of property. Every property here – villa, penthouse, village house or terraced house – has been created to the very highest standards of contemporary design, with carefully selected natural materials, panoramic sea views and ample space to relax, play, work and entertain.

And the story continues outdoors. Portopiccolo’s tranquil streets are home to a curated selection of boutiques, galleries and ateliers, each offering the very finest in design, fashion, sailing equipment and more. And with a wide selection of top-class bars, restaurants and cafés to enjoy, residents are never short of a place to eat, drink or simply relax.

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