12 portraits in Portopiccolo

Become the protagonist of a special project!

Andrea Bizzotto, a painter from Bassano, brings to Portopiccolo an innovative art project, an exhibition that will feature the portraits of 12 people chosen through the web. A recruiting campaign that will select the 12 faces through the social platforms of the Portopiccolo community and will give life to the candidacies of its members, who will become the faces of the Borgo for a season.


From 14th to 21st September it will be time to apply through the social channels and the Portopiccolo website. What are the requirements to participate? No one in particular, except the desire to be part of a very special project!

Art Gallery
Art Gallery

From 22nd to 28th September we will take the time to evaluate all the applications received and to select the 12 faces that will be the protagonists of Andrea Bizzotto’s portraits and of the exhibition that will open in April 2021.


The first moment of interaction with the 12 selected faces will be on the weekend of 3rd and 4th October during which the photo-shooting will take place. The 12 selected will be photographed by Andrea Bizzotto in a set specially arranged in the Piazzetta of Portopiccolo. The shots will be the basis that the artist will then use to create the portraits.

Art Gallery

Winter will be the period during which Andrea Bizzotto will work on the portraits which will then be presented to the public starting from April 2021. The curiosity of the protagonists and loyal followers of Portopiccolo will increase, and for this reason we will keep you updated with small details of each portrait that will be published on the social channels and on the Portopiccolo website.

Art Gallery

April 2021 this is the appointment to mark on the agenda, when finally, after a long winter of work, the 12 portraits will be revealed. An exhibition will be set up inside the Art Gallery of Portopiccolo where the 12 paintings can be admired.