Back To the Future Trieste @Sparx LAB by H-FARM

Between digital storytelling, robotics and 3D modeling, Portopiccolo organizes together with H-FARM digital laboratories 8-11 years dedicated to the fascinating history of Trieste.

The workshops to discover Trieste

During the five workshops, we will retrace the history of the city of Trieste, between digital storytelling, robotics and 3D modeling with Minecraft Education Edition. We will explore the infinite possibilities that the technology at our disposal can give us, building what we will design together.


Sparx Lab H-Farm

Spark lab


We will discover the evolution of the city to date and imagine a future in which we will live more and more connected with ever smarter technologies. We will tell stories highlighting what has brought Trieste to greatness, we will build and program robotic prototypes of innovative and green means of transport, we will design parts of the city virtually and physically.

Trieste e il mare in un vlog
Progettiamo la Trieste romana con Minecraft
Alla scoperta del Borgo Teresiano con Ozobot
Tutti a bordo del tram di Opicina con Lego WeDo 2.0
Raccontiamo la Trieste del futuro con Lego StoryVisualizer

8-11 years old
italian language
every Saturday from November 6th to December 4th
from 14: 30 to 18: 00