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Discover the rich and extensive range of appointments with our team of fitness professionals.

Get in shape and reach your goals with a varied and innovative selection of courses dedicated to each season and designed for everyone’s needs. Our personal trainers will guide you through groundbreaking workouts to rediscover limitless fitness, fun and well-being.


Aerobic activity in shallow water training pool. The class takes place mainly with the body in an upright position and involves performing gymnastic exercises and slow, controlled aquatic movements in sequence. Among the goals? Improving muscle tone, aerobic endurance and flexibility. Plus, lots of fun!


Aquatic group activity aimed at amateur learners of all ages and levels. Conducted in the warm water of the Wet area this aerobic activity involves slow movements and low metabolic expenditure. It is useful in cases of musculoskeletal and/or systemic problems. A perfect workout for those who want to keep a good physical condition without overdoing the intensity of the class.


One target: toning. Acquacircuit classes in our training pool offer predetermined exercises and movement patterns aimed at improving lymphatic drainage, strength, speed and endurance. A strong, high metabolic expenditure workout. At your disposal are dumbbells, ankle bands and plenty of water training equipment.


Yoga practice in saltwater pool. The enveloping embrace of the warm water eases the yoga practice and amplifies its benefits. A special experience to relax body and mind in the beautiful setting of the Wellness area.


MatWork Pilates is a Pilates style that involves only free-body exercises to be performed on a mat, without the use of any machinery. The strength of this activity is to focus on breathing and the development of coordination, balance and endurance of the legs, abdominals, arms and back.


Not just a simple exercise for back pain, but a real educational training that aims to teach how to prevent and treat back pain for an effective and lasting action. A discipline that combines inputs from medicine, kinesiotherapy, ergonomics and psychology.


Functional training bases its effectiveness on engaging the entire musculature through natural body movements. It strengthens muscles and joints by keeping them active and healthy so that they can perfectly perform all kinds of daily activities. The strength of functional training is the improvement of body fitness through the correct execution of exercises.


Fluid and dynamic practice in which each movement is facilitated by breathing. Medium-intensity cardiovascular work culminates in an apex pose that expresses specific meanings and characteristics. A discipline that increases joint mobility and strengthens stability, developing endurance and muscle tone.


Lo yoga dinamico è una combinazione tra due stili diversi, Ashtanga Yoga e Vinyasa Yoga, che prevede il fluire da una posizione all’altra in accordo con il respiro: ogni movimento avviene durante un’espirazione o un’inspirazione e si passa da un asana al successivo in modo fluido e vigoroso. Una sequenza di movimenti che aumenta la sudorazione e agevola l’eliminazione delle tossine. Brucia più calorie mentre ritrovi armonia e serenità!


For the youngest ones, an ever-changing sequence of creative activities. The child learns the language of respect for others and the planet in which he or she lives, improves knowledge of his or her own body, and playfully experiences the importance of breathing that gives calm.


A class focused exclusively on the spiritual practices of yoga, in which different meditation and breathing techniques are explored. An intimate course, a treat and an opportunity to rediscover this ancient Indian philosophy.


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