Live and on-demand fitness classes

The most innovative proposals to create your home gym, working out and keep fit with the fitness on demand service.


What is the new idea of fitness? It is on demand. Fitness classes at your place, whenever you want and you can have them with few simple steps:

– download the “Mywellness” free app”
-search for Portopiccolo Spa
-subscribe the most suitable program for you
-select your favourite class among a rich calendar of activities live and on demand

LONGEVITY – live stream

“The Light of Life” is the journey to reach wellbeing, beauty and self-confidence. Movements of simple execution with stretching and toning exercises with natural load to maintain or regain our elasticity, feel dynamic and regain health and fitness.

ANTIAGE – live stream

Taking care not only of muscles and joints but of all posture. It challenges us to overcome laziness and regain tone, strength and elasticity together with the joy of the newfound health. A journey to rediscover the beauty of our smile by learning how to move face’s muscles to smooth the signs of aging. Looking at the mirror we will see a renewed and toned up skin with unexpected benefits.

FAMILY BACK SCHOOL – live stream

“Family Back School” teaches all you have to learn to prevent and treat home backache; it is not a simple exercise, but a complete school for children and adults that gives important suggestions for practicing at home a preventive gymnastics with mum and dad.

BACK SCHOOL – live stream

The “Back School” was created to teach everything you need to prevent and treat back pain and neck pain; it is not a simple gymnastics for back pain, but a real school. For effective and lasting action, it combines the contributions of medicine, kinesitherapy, ergonomics, psychology.


You will be allowed to choose among more than 90 different proposal between functional training, pilates, body pump, G.A.G., yoga. When you want, where you want.

The On Demand classes are joinable from your smartphone or table by downloading the “Mywellness” app.
All the contents can be shared on the connected screen by using the mirroring function.

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