Malvasia in porto

An evening of tastings and show cooking in Portopiccolo on July 29th

Friday, July 29th sees the return of ‘Malvasia in Porto’, a tasting of Malvasia wines produced by more than 20 local winemakers, accompanied by finger food and fish tastings.

Malvasia tasting

The Malvasia tasting will take place from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. starting from the Piazzetta and then continuing with a stroll among flavors under the Borgo’s colonnade. The event will involve over 20 winemakers from the Carso, Breg and Istria areas: a unique opportunity to taste their distinctive versions of Malvasia, one of the most significant wine productions of the area, and discover its history and processing stages. Bottles will be on sale at cellar prices for the whole duration of the tasting.

Show cooking

To accompany the wines, it will be possible to taste local seafood products paired with the proposed Malvasia wines; the menu will be offered through moments of consumer education and demonstrative show cooking. We also invite you to try the a-la-carte menus of Portopiccolo restaurants to complete your culinary experience.


The list of attending winemakers includes: Bajta, Budin, Cacovich, Milič Damijan, Grgič, Kocjančič, Lenardon, Merlak, Milič Zagrski, Ostrouska, Ruj – Kovač, Sancin, Škerk, Urizio, Zahar, Zidarich, Fiegl, Primosic, Čotar, Tavčar Emil, JNK, Campana Cellars (Consortium for the protection of d.o.c. wines Colli Piacentini), Palazzo (Consortium for the protection of d.o.p. wines Colli di Parma).

The ticket, €25 per person, includes tasting of all Malvasia wines present and fish tastings.