Upcoming Events

In Portopiccolo there is always something to do. With a full calendar of events covering the whole year, you will be spoiled for choice.

Regate Yatch Club 2019


All the regattas of the 2019 season in the frame of Portopiccolo.

The Dream powered by Nolita


Nella meravigliosa cornice del Maxi’s Beach Club un evento unico, in un luogo straordinario che apre le porte dell’estate 2019 e ad un sogno lungo una giornata intera, The Dream powered by Nolita

Portopiccolo Kids Club


Every weekend from June 15th to August 25th an entertainment program dedicated to children at ​​Maxi’s Green Beach.

Autoraduno Porsche d’epoca


La Piazzetta di Portopiccolo diventa una sala da concerto sotto le stelle e ogni venerdì si anima di musica per intrattenere le vostre serate

Design Zone 2019


3 weekends to discover new trends with a 360° experience to explore, enjoy and use design in all its forms.

Andy Warhol at Portopiccolo


Portopiccolo inaugurates an exhibition entirely dedicated to one of the most important and revolutionary artists of the twentieth century: Andy Warhol.

Opening Season Party


An early summer evening in which to live Portopiccolo’s magic. Bright colors. Music. Notes that suggest the new trends of summer 2019.

Portopiccolo Fashion Night 2019


Elegance, fashion, music, dance, shopping and entertainment with a sea view.

Barcolana Regatta


The year’s biggest event is the Barcolana Regatta, which takes place on the second Sunday in October.