Portopiccolo Spa Fitness at Green Beach and Castelreggio

With these beautiful summer days, why not train outdoor? Nature is the best anti-stress and, thanks to the fitness classes organized every week by Portopiccolo Spa at the Green Beach or Castelreggio, you can load up on vitamins and good mood. Come and try all the outdoor activities!


Simple execution movements that help us to maintain our flexibility, to feel dynamic and to regain health and fitness. This is The Light of Life, a path towards physical well-being, beauty and self-confidence.


Would you like to see rejuvenated and toned skin in the mirror, to get some unexpected benefits? Antiage is the right course that teaches us to move the muscles of the face in order to smoothing the aging signs and to take care of the whole posture. Overcome laziness and regain tone, strength and elasticity!

Back school

In name and in fact. This course teaches us everything we need to prevent and treat annoying back and neck pain. Not just a workout, but a real school that combines the contributions of medicine, kinesitherapy, ergonomics and psychology, for effective and lasting results.


Thanks to this popular discipline, harmony and serenity can be found. Age, level of experience and flexibility are not important: everyone can benefit from this activity and achieve greater inner and outer well-being


A training method to improve flexibility, muscle strength and the endurance of legs, abs, arms and back. A discipline that is based on breathing and helps us to develop coordination and balance.


Fun is guaranteed thanks to this aerobic activity that takes place in shallow water, to the rhythm of music. But not for this less effective: the exercises allow you to strengthen the muscular and cardiovascular system, improving breathing and blood circulation.

*the course is at the Castelreggio bathing establishment


This training effectiveness is based on being able to involve all the muscles, in the most efficient way possible. Unbelievable to think that thanks to natural movements of the body, coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength and power can be increased, gaining a lot of benefits!

*the course is at the Castelreggio bathing establishment

For more info: portopiccolospa@ppst.it