Portopiccolo Summer Art 2020

A project of digital art in the Borgo


“Art Windows”

Works of art exhibited in the shop windows of the Borgo, an indoor street art that characterizes the walk in Portopiccolo.

“Portopiccolo Art Apartment”

Digital art paintings by contemporary artists of international area who enrich the furnishings of the apartments of the rental program and make it an outpost of hospitality and “author’s” tourism.

“Galleria d’arte”

Three main exhibitions which will alternate until 31 October. They will see the presence of young international artists who represent digital art, a new frontier of artistic and cultural movements.

Art Gallery

Fabio Fonda chooses QBX DESIGN® to present his collection of digital art works, the Italian brand specialized in the creation of high-quality furnishing paintings, customizable for the luxury design sector.
In QBX DESIGN® the unique emotion of the author’s painting is reproduced with care and attention to the context, thanks to the multiple possibilities of the most modern printing technologies and the skilful Italian craftsmanship: for each work it is possible to choose sizes, finishes and materials , adapting them with versatility to the specific project. The painting thus takes on a double value: as an artistic expression it has the power to excite, amaze and seduce; as a design object, it communicates with the environment and enhances every interior project in which it is inserted.
Just the combination of art and design, emotion and versatility, makes the company the ideal partner to best enhance the digital art works of Fabio Fonda.


open from Monday to Saturday from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm
or by appointment at the address info@fabiofonda.art