Portopiccolo wellness & dining bond

An initiative created to think positively about the future and give our loyal guests the opportunity to choose today what Portopiccolo services experiencing when the lockdown will be over.
Buying Portopiccolo Bonds is a way to support the borgo and to be more and more part of the community that loves and lives it, but also a way to start thinking about light and carefree moments to spend with loved ones.

They will be available for purchase from 5 to May 31, 2020.

Cliff Restaurant

Territory, tradition, typicality

Buy a tasting menu today to discover the tradition of flavors tomorrow. A journey into the liveliness of the gastronomic offer of the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the selection of the ingredients used is certified in their origin and deserving to express authenticity and typicality. Combining innovation with the concept of well-being.

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Bris Restaurant

Flavors of the Gulf of Trieste

Buy a menu today where the dishes are paired with wines, to taste the talent of Chef Federico Sestan tomorrow. The seafood tradition of the Gulf of Trieste is proudly carried on by Bris Restaurant, which offers itineraries in local flavors paired with wines, which is responsible for completing the tasting trip. The location is just as exclusive: a large terrace overlooking the sea.

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Portopiccolo Spa

Wellness, beauty and health

Buy today to give you 20% more of your moments of relaxation tomorrow at Portopiccolo SPA, in the large and vast spaces, where wellness and beauty protocols are guaranteed according to the latest safety and hygiene provisions, to discover a perfect harmony between body and mind.

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