Date: 06/10/2019

Beer lover, shopping addict

Saturday 6th October from 3.00 PM

Experience Portopiccolo in an increasingly exclusive way, a day dedicated to shopping and tasting the most original Belgian beers.

At Duca D’Aosta, Barbara Beltrame Altelier, Coin Casa, Dobner, Giò Più, Issimi Boutique, Malo, Oriani, Slam, Sundek, #Top, Zinelli & Perizziti are waiting to create a tasting itinerary to combine with shopping.



Draft: Cristal, Blanche de bruxelles

Bottles: affligem blonde, affligem double, affligem triple, floreffe blonde, floreffe meilleure, blanche de silly, green killer ipa, belgian kriek, scotch silly, boucanier red ale, boucanier golden ale, hapkin, hopus, chimay blu, chimay rouge, chimay triple, rocheforr 6, rochefort 8, rochefort 10, westmalle double, westmalle triple, silly sour