Swimming lessons for children

Learn to swim with trained instructors and a healthy dose of fun!

The water element has unique characteristics: it offers unparalleled experiences and emotions and an intense psychophysical involvement that makes swimming the most recommended sport in the development age. Portopiccolo Spa’s swimming courses offer targeted solutions for different age groups and technical preparation, allowing children to learn to swim and improve in homogeneous groups, always followed by qualified instructors. Let’s dive into fun!


Acquababy (3 – 36 months old)

Creating a first approach to the water world since the first months of a child’s life offers important benefits for both the newborn and the parent. An experience that favors the development of the child’s sensory and lung capacities and strengthens the bond with the parent. The activity is aimed at babies from 3 to 36 months who, followed by an instructor and the participation of mum or dad, gradually acclimatise to the water through play, music, imagination and the execution of innate movement patterns.

Aquaticity (3 - 5 years old)

Through play-sport proposals, the child acquires and improves the basic swimming techniques necessary to be able to face the subsequent courses: autonomy in deep water, underwater breathing, flotation, prone and supine sliding. The goal is to overcome water fear, increasing confidence in one’s abilities and with the aquatic environment.

Girl swimming
Children swimming

Swimming school beginners - intermediate - advanced (5 – 12 years old)

Swimming lessons aimed at children aged 5 to 12, divided by beginner, intermediate and advanced level. For children who live the water naturally and want to become more familiar with swimming, the courses include more technical lessons aimed at the acquisition and improvement of the 4 surface swimming techniques (backstroke – crawl – breaststroke – butterfly) and in apnea. An activity that allows healthy and harmonious organic development, with benefits for not only physical but also psychological health.

Private Lessons (for all ages)

Do you want to optimize time and accelerate the achievement of results? Take the opportunity to be tutored exclusively by one of our professional trainers. To learn to swim or to become more skilled in this discipline and refine your technique, private lessons offer the ultimate in terms of flexibility. A training solution, tailor-made for you. 


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