The night of the shooting stars

Date: 10/08/2022

On 10 August a shower of stars is about to arrive in Portopiccolo. Sit back and make a wish: the show begins.

Program of the evening

Experience the most magical night of the year, that of San Lorenzo. It is precisely when the sun gives way to twilight and then to night, that hundreds of shooting stars enchant the eye and offer spectacles of immense wonder.


dedicated à la carte menu, to be savored in the delightful square of Portopiccolo
exceptional experience with Massimo Giannone – well-known astro-coach
extraordinary performances by internationally renowned dancers
entertainment with a surprise grand finale
“a touch of gold” dress code, to shine like a star

Cliff Gourmet Restaurant

In the magical location of the Piazzetta overlooking the sea, the sparkling tables will be the backdrop for sophisticated gourmet dishes, expertly prepared by chef Matteo Bettega. Among the delicious delights included in the menu will stand out, creamed cod foam, ginco risotto, mojito ice cream and upstream salmon decorated with orange and burrata.

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The dancing stars

The cast of 7 professional dancers, including international champions and ranked among the top thirty in the world, will perform during the dinner to entertain the guests of Cliff Restaurant and the Piazzetta. The dancers will perform artistic performances during the dinner to the rhythm of engaging hits. At the end of the dinner, the surprise grand finale!

The stars according to Massimo Giannone | Astro-coach

He literally conquered all of Italy, starting from Milan, the capital of fashion and publishing, with his fixed appointments on IL del Sole 24 Ore, Vanity Fair, Marieclaire and giving life to astrococktails and astrocene: unique formats, including restaurants , the hotels and clubs most appreciated by the protagonists of worldly environments. His method has also conquered high-end fashion and beauty brands, which has led him to be the protagonist of trendy events, even on tour throughout the boot with names such as Maliparmi, la Prairie, Veuve Cliquot Gucci and Identità Greedy in always different locations. His reading of the stars will entertain guests during dinner.

dress code “a touch of gold”

For info and reservations:

+39 040 997 4910 or +39 040997 4444