Yoga courses at Portopiccolo Spa

Rediscover psycho-physical well-being thanks to the different paths dedicated to the famous oriental discipline.

Practicing yoga with a panoramic view of the blue sea is a unique experience of its kind, to be enjoyed thanks to the events organized by Portopiccolo Spa. A journey to discover the many practices that are part of this discipline. Whether you want to start from scratch or are looking for a way to deepen and refine your technique, the scheduled workshops are designed to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to the most experienced.

The Yoga Courses

Yoga courses

Vinyasa Flow

A discipline characterized by the particular fluidity of the movements that are performed in coordination with the breath. The result is a sort of elegant choreography in which the positions are harmoniously connected to each other, to create a real flow, the “vinyasa” in fact. A workout that allows the toning of the muscles and the strengthening of not only physical but also internal balance.


90 minutes

Weekly appointments:

Monday morning, Friday evening

Yoga in pregnancy

Often future mothers abandon or limit physical practice for fear that it is not appropriate for the baby, however, with the right precautions, some postures and breaths are preparatory to the moment of delivery. Meditation helps you to face mood and hormonal changes with serenity. Continuing the commitment to practice gives a focus to the mother on her path to childbirth


45 minutes

girl underwater

Water Yoga

Water has always been known for its positive effect on the body: its warm embrace facilitates yoga practice, allowing anyone to practice it and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Relaxation of the mind evokes an ancestral dimension of well-being and peace, which recalls that of the womb. A special experience in the splendid setting of the Wellness area.


45 minutes


A course dedicated exclusively to the spiritual practices of yoga, during which to explore the different meditation techniques: deep relaxation and guided visualization of yoga nidra, breathing exercises of pranayama, mantra recitation, hints of Indian philosophy and much more. even more. An intimate course to discover one’s inner self, the deepest sensations and emotions, to be able to know and understand oneself even more deeply.


45 minutes

Yoga courses
woman practices yoga asana

Chandra Namaskar

A monthly appointment that, as the name suggests, returns the maximum benefits on the occasion of the full moon. A fixed sequence of positions performed in a dynamic flow that strengthens the legs, loosening the hips and hips, with the aim of rebalancing the energy level of your body. A practice that invites you to reconnect with the YIN, the feminine element present in each of us, a symbol of calm and introversion.


45 minutes

Yoga trainer

Alice Rossi

Take part in workshops with the great names of yogic disciplines: Anna Inferrera, Miguel Mesquida, Virgina Tucci.

In 2017 he began training with Sara Bigatti of “La Scimmia Yoga”, the anatomist John Kraijenbrink and Vera Bettiol, teacher of alignment and meditation.

She achieves the RYT200 Yoga Alliance certification and the AIYB Italia teacher diploma to guide children aged 6-10 in the first approach to the practice.

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