"When I feel like I want to leave the city center to give myself a weekend of peace, I enjoy my holiday exactly as I want: with the sound of the waves "

Living the Borgo

This year we start again from the discovery of Italy, united as never before, with its natural landscapes and the rediscovery of Italian villages, all in peace and safety. In Portopiccolo you can experience the intimacy of your loved ones in complete tranquility and everyone can choose how to spend their personal moment of freedom, immersing themselves in the beauty of the majestic cliffs and in a privileged location within the splendid Duino Nature Reserve overlooking the sea. Because your holiday can become your home.

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Would you like the holidays to never end?

In Portopiccolo you can, discover the Real Estate proposals, to be able to continue the experience as long as you want.

Seafront Properties
Your private horizon, your home

Sustainability has guided the Portopiccolo project from the beginning which, in addition to architectural excellence, also represents an example from the point of view of indoor comfort and environmental protection, with solutions that reduce energy consumption.

A unique collection of waterfront properties to buy, choosing between the Terrace Houses, the Borgo Houses and the splendid Penthouses. Your elegant, technological, sustainable space immersed in a protected ecosystem.