With an unparalleled location in the midst of a protected nature reserve, Portopiccolo takes its responsibilities to its surroundings seriously.

And it’s easy to understand why. The community sits at the westernmost tip of an area called the Karst, a sweeping limestone plateau and an area of incredible natural beauty. The Karst runs from Slovenia in the east all the way to clifftops surrounding Portopiccolo, and is best explored at your own pace, on foot or by bike. Watching the colours gently change, from the luscious greens of summer to autumn’s ashy red, is a wondrous experience.

Immediately surrounding Portopiccolo is the Duino Cliffs Nature Reserve, which exists at the meeting point of the Karst and the Adriatic. The cliffs are home to all manner of birds, such as blue rock thrushes, herring gulls, and the endangered peregrine, which makes its nest in the most inaccessible points of the cliff. It’s the perfect place for a peaceful hike along the clifftops, particularly on the Rilke trail, which offers breath-taking views of the ancient Castello di Duino.

Nearby is the Collio Friulano. This fertile land is made of up of gently rolling hills and historic vineyards, which are renowned around the world for their beautiful white wines. That rich heritage has led to the area being awarded DOC classification, which means each of their wines is given a protected geographical designation in recognition
of their quality and history.

Portopiccolo is committed to protecting and supporting our natural environment. With a cutting-edge ecological technology and commitment to low-impact environmental policies, every measure has been taken to ensure our surroundings – and the wider world – remain pristine.


This hidden corner of northeast Italy is yours to explore. Spend your days relaxing on the pure white sands of the Adriatic coast, or head north to the snow-topped peaks of the Carnic Alps. Take a scenic drive to the fairy-tale cities of Venice or Trieste. Or go further, by boat or car, and explore Croatia, Slovenia or Austria.

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