Med in Blue, Medical Spa

Know yourself today to choose who you are going to be tomorrow.

Medical Spa Med in Blue was born in one of the most beautiful spots of the Mediterranean, to create the perfect context in which you can find yourself and the ideal conditions to realise a state of longevity, thanks to medical research started in 1933, at the beginning of Professor Mario Cordaro’s university career. His pioneering research, linked to cellular rejuvenation, already gained him international acclaim by the mid-1940s and achieved important results in preventive medicine.


To create Med in Blue we chose a location as special as Portopiccolo, like no other, in which we can pursue Professor Cordaro’s dream: to realise holistic preventive and regenerative methods able to act as a source of longevity, wellenss and health. In Portopiccolo, in the heart of the nature reserve of the Duino cliffs, the power of medical science, the Gulf of Trieste’s beautiful sea, the most refined Italian luxury hôtellerie spirit and a range of wellness services unique in Europe, are woven together in an extraordinary synergy to enable a precious regeneration process, both physical and mental.

The guiding principle that makes the Med in Blue approach unique is using today’s knowledge of the body and its genetic make-up to build holistically, together with our guests, the longevity of tomorrow’s body and mind. Fundamental resources: latest generation diagnostics, state of the art genetic and metabolic tests, depurative and regenerative nutrition, movement analysis, physiotherapy re-education. A protected space, far from the daily stress that burdens your physical and mental state, allowing you to live an exclusive and authentic experience and find a new psychophysical balance through a plan aimed at revitalising both your inner and outer harmony.