Bakel Beauty Spa

A panoramic environment surrounded by refinement, where to indulge in private moments and find refuge from the daily frenzy. The Bakel Beauty Spa is the real spearhead. A wonderful cure for the everyday stress.

Bakel Beauty Spa

A panoramic environment surrounded by refinement, where to indulge in private moments and find refuge from the daily frenzy. The Bakel Beauty Spa is the real spearhead. A wonderful cure for the everyday stress.

Opening Hours

From Monday to Thursday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
Friday 1.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday, holiday, pre-holiday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm


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Waiting Lounge

A real living room, from which to enjoy a breathtaking sea view. Here you will be welcomed by our therapists, who will accompany you on your personalized wellness path, built on individual needs.


Bakel treatments, resulting from research and expertise, represent a further development of the brand’s mission, that is to counteract the action of the main factors causing skin ageing, with concrete results and utmost safety. This commitment is confirmed by the many certifications that the brand has received and it is corroborated by numerous scientific researchers.

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  • BORA
  • I Sublimi

Unstoppable, fast and purifying. This wind blows, lifts, provokes the sea and then it calms down, disappears, leaving an unmistakable peacefulness behind. The purity of clean air, the elegance of the water’s colours and the harmony of a clear sky: our detoxifying treatments help purifying your body and eliminating useless substances.

The name “Miramare” means “to watch the sea with emotional involvement”, and this is exactly what you can do in our Spa here in Portopiccolo: just lay down on a sun bed and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Let the waves of the sea lull your eyes, and when the sun begins going down you will understand the true meaning of relaxation. Lose yourself watching the sun reflected in the sea, and every day enjoy the moment when it softly dives in the water and goes to sleep. Enjoy the privilege of watching this stress-relieving dance from here, while softening your tensions and completely abandoning yourself. The skilful hands of our therapists will accompany you in this relaxing, soothing and hydrating experience.

The waves bring with them the rhythm of the aquatic world. They break vigorously on the cliffs, giving life and shaping them with the movement of all the sea elements. Let your body receive specific treatments that, thanks to the strength of the draining effect, will reawaken part of the circulatory and lymphatic functions.

Sumac is an exceptionally sturdy plant that characterizes the Karst wilderness. When autumn comes, thanks to the changing colour of its leaves, some areas of the Karst turn golden yellow, while others turn purple red. Its wood is well known for being solid and strong. Its colour, that is a gift from the sun, reminds of force and energy. This energy and sensation of vital force will be the result of this energizing experience.

These exclusive treatments contain all the natural and positive energies of this enchanted place, and when combined with the professionalism of our wellness experts, they restore the psychophysical balance. The “Sublimes” are intensive treatments that fight the signs of ageing with more intensity, and immediately give a revitalized, relaxed and radiant skin.

Bakel Products

Bakel promotes an effective and pure anti-aging skincare, formulated to bring only real benefits and made up of 100% active ingredients, zero useless substances. Founded in 2009 by Dr. and founder Raffaella Gregoris, Bakel is based on the idea of ​​creating completely clean and absolutely effective products.

A complete and scientifically innovative cosmetic line with top quality raw materials, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and tested for heavy metals. The avant-garde in beauty for a more exclusive wellness experience: this is how unique face care and body regeneration treatments are born.

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Wellness to share with those you love

A relaxing experience in the company of those who make you feel good. Unique settings, overlooking the Gulf, perfect for a special occasion or, more simply, to let yourself be pampered.

Relax with sea view

Panoramic Spa Suite

Panoramic Spa Suite is the ideal place to spend time for two. An experience where you can get lost in the horizon that offers unforgettable sunsets. A sensory deprivation pool, a crystal sauna to enjoy the sea view and outdoor solarium. To complete the perfect setting of the panorama, an area where you will have the opportunity to receive couple treatments and a corner designed for relaxation for two.

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A private experience

Private Spa

A Spa in the Spa, designed for those who want to experience wellness in its most exclusive and reserved form. An elegant and welcoming environment, designed to be the setting for an unforgettable experience: Turkish bath, Kneipp path, Jacuzzi, emotional showers and Finnish sauna furnished with armchairs and wooden sofas with an innovative design. The Private Spa is the perfect answer for those seeking the intimacy of well-being that they can share with a few people, with a few friends or with their family.

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