A Place Of Your Own

Come home to your own slice of paradise at Portopiccolo. With an unparalleled selection of waterfront properties to buy and rent across penthouses, villas, terrace homes and village houses, your private Adriatic retreat is waiting for you today.

Come Home To Luxury

In a tranquil corner of the Italian northeast, sat sleepily alongside the azure blues of the Gulf of Trieste, lies Portopiccolo.

Here, you’ll find a range of property to buy and rent. From the soaring panoramas of a grand villa or a penthouse, to the stylish waterfront setting of the village houses, every part of this community has been designed using forward-thinking ecological principles, blending seamlessly with its natural environment and ensuring minimal impact on the world around us.

No expense has been spared in creating the ultimate in luxury Italian real estate, using only the finest in contemporary design, materials and features.

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Invest In Quality

There are four styles of property available to buy, each with something different to experience. Whether that’s the wide-open spaces of a terraced house, the waterfront placement of the village casas or the spacious luxury of the clifftop penthouses, each has its own unique style. But all are united by the very highest standards of the materials and a design that’s liveable all year-round.

All our residences are built using three types of finishes: masonry with limestone, cement-based plaster, and thermal-insulating plaster.

A steel framework supports three insulating thermoacoustic panels with mechanical ventilation and an inner reinforced double sheet of plasterboard. Air conditioning and under-floor heating systems, meanwhile, ensure you’re kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Whichever you choose, you can be assured you’re investing not only in a lifestyle, but in an asset that will grow in value over the years.

Thought In Every Detail

Portopiccolo is a real, living community in which every aspect of your experience has been considered.

And that attention to detail extends to every part of your time here.


More than 1000 underground parking spaces allow you to drive to your door while keeping the streets safe and free from cars.

Portopiccolo was built around the philosophy of ‘Design For All’. Special care has been taken to ensure this is a welcoming and safe environment for disabled and elderly people or those who have special requirements. Your independence and comfort is guaranteed, with car-free, sloped streets, plus 72 vertical and horizontal lifts that allow you to explore every area of the resort, from garage to beach club.

Portopiccolo is a zero-impact complex, built using local materials. No CO2 is produced, and sea water is used to cool our power stations. All the properties have an energy certification class of A+ or A.

When building Portopiccolo it was important to utilise local natural materials to the fullest. All building are made from refined traditional local materials such as the typical local stone covering the terraced housed and prestigious local wood used to build the terraces.

Two entrances, two checkpoints and 140 CCTV cameras ensure Portopiccolo is a safe haven for children and families.

We work with one of the world’s finest service companies to provide cleaning utilities throughout the Portopiccolo area.

All gardens and green areas are always kept to a high standard with freshly cut grass, green plants and beautiful flowers maintained of by our fantastic expert gardeners.

We ensure everything is working and in complete order at all times with our professional maintenance team looking after all common areas.

Our team of housekeepers are at service to maintain your private households, ensuring that they are always sparkling clean and tidy for you to enjoy.

We understand you may not be able to spend all year in Portopiccolo. That’s why we created the Portopiccolo Residents Program, which allows you to earn income on your property while you’re not using it, while reserving its use during your favourite times of year.


Apartments To Rent

An apartment in Portopiccolo is more than a place to stay. It’s your invitation to experience a different way of life, in a place inhabited by the spirit of the traditional Italian seaside ‘borgo’. Choose from two styles, each inspired by Italian seafront communities, and discover a place where the pressures of modern life melt away into the background.

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