Portopiccolo Art Gallery

The Portopiccolo Art Gallery:Italian and international contemporary art

Bringing Art to Portopiccolo

The Portopiccolo Art Gallery represents “confirmation and development” of the contemporary art experiences created in recent years. Spread over different settings in the village, the installations have been designed and built on the presence and interaction with the artists, on the collaboration with other Italian galleries, and on the enhancement of the cultural resources of the territory.

Established artists and new talents

Active since 2015, between solo and group exhibitions, the Gallery has seen the passage of hundreds of artists, from established international presences to the discovery and promotion of new talents from the territory. Not only art, a meeting point and intercultural relations in the style of the village, also through collaboration with the CASA C.A.V.E. Association for new artistic proposals related to contemporary art.

Art that integrates with the Village

The artistic project also focuses on “living in the village”: the interior design choices of the rental apartments are enriched by the presence of original works of art or decorative paintings made ad hoc from QBX DESIGN, a company that has art design as its Mission and has chosen Portopiccolo as the first show-room. The presence of apartments of different types stimulates and enhances the choice between the works of more than seventy artists who, in recent years, have walked the Gallery's stage.

Gallery opening hours
Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 8pm
Sunday from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 8pm

Enrich your experience in PortoPiccolo

The Gallery was also created to be a point of reference for residents and guests of the Village, a clubhouse where they can meet to search and find news and suggestions not only on the occasion of the classic vernissage. To have a “living room” in which you can entertain and develop relationships even outside the art world, through the living room reinterpretation of the exhibition spaces with the proposal of events in which art, scientific research, innovation, commerce, finance intersect and become contaminated.

Art backstage
Experience the cultural proposal to the full

Inside the Art Gallery, an atelier for photography has been created... an idea that, in the wake of visitors' curiosity, has now created an “art backstage” where you can rummage in search of testimonies of past exhibitions or suggestions of new artists to propose. A real archive, which contains traces of all the art and artists who have passed through Portocolo, a meeting place to appreciate different forms of expression.

Fabio Fonda
Andrea Bizzotto
Carlo Borlenghi
John Bumstead
Miron Tee
Francesco Stefanini
Giukia Wyss
Maximilian Busan
Melissa Damson
Piero Toresella
Giulia Crimaldi
Manolo Cocho
Lia Delbuono
Gabriele Bonato
Ilaria Bramezza
Luka Sirok
Damjan Komel
Angelina Rusin
Cave House
Camilla Bach
i Prossimi eventi dedicati
Evento Passato
Evento Passato
Nel Ventre della Cava | Il Colore dei Luoghi - L'Antico Mare

The photographers Maria Cristina Marzola and Giulia Venus Livia are confronted in an experimental project that visually elaborates the “heart” of Aurisina's Roman Quarry. Presentation by Fabiola Faidiga.

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Evento Passato
Evento Passato
Danzando sulle Vie della Pietra

Creative walk in collaboration with Estplore, Actis — Cultural Association Teatro Immagine Suono, Biodanza Trieste IBFed., Ermada Flavio Vidonis Group, CEO — Occupational Educational Center/Coop. Sociale La Quercia, Oltre Quella Sedia, Cava Romana and the geologist Marco Manzoni.

Inclusive itinerary to discover the KAMEN Diffused Museum, to observe the marble basins from above. In addition, a contemporary dance performance with Daša Grgič and a final encounter with Biodanza.

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Evento Passato
Evento Passato
Mima Semec - Painter and cook

Personal exhibition by the artist Mima Semez, painter and cook from Carsolina. The project is to discover artists who have always intertwined life and art with the rural value of our territory. Curated by contemporary art critic Eva Comuzzi.

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