The enchanting Wellness Resort

Portopiccolo: a new Friulian village dedicated to well-being.Residences, hotels, spas, yacht clubs and much more.

Discover the wide range of high-quality services that make your experience in Portopiccolo unique.
Living in Portopiccolo means enjoying the seaside to the full, thanks to dedicated high-level services.

Portopiccolo is a jewel nestled on the coast of the Gulf of Trieste, a unique place where the charm of the Italian village combines perfectly with that of a fully equipped modern resort with an abundance of interesting activities. A reality designed to offer a superior maritime lifestyle, offering a wide range of services: including luxurious hotels, spas, exclusive clubs and unique beaches. Portopiccolo guarantees a special welcome to its visitors and residents, ensuring opportunities for relaxation and leisure to suit all tastes available throughout the year. Discover how to join this exclusive community and take advantage of all the top-quality services located within the Portopiccolo Sistiana village.

An oasis of well-being and natural beauty
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