A view of the sea that never loses its charm

Four-room apartments for sale in Portopiccolo luxury and comfort in an exclusive maritime context

Case Terrazza and Case nel Borgo
Expansive and comfortable residences with enviable sea views

The four-room apartments for sale in Portopiccolo are ready to welcome you, to let you experience the sea in a completely new way. An experience of luxury, convenience and comfort in a village nestled in the rock of the Friulian coast overlooking the sea.

An example floorplan
The most spacious apartments, embellished by the elegance of fine materials and finishes.
Experience the sea from another perspective, from a four-room apartment in Portopiccolo.
Large living spaces in Portopiccolo

The commercial area of the four-room apartments for sale in Portopiccolo ranges from 100 square metres to 170 square metres. This layout is perfect for those looking for generous space in a seaside residence maximising the distribution of interior spaces and creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation.

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Four-room apartments are available in two types. The Casa Terrazza is the best choice for those who desire a wonderful outdoor green space and enjoy large and modern spaces, while the Casa del Borgo is ideal for those wishing to feel completely immersed in the fascinating village of Portopiccolo.

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